De Romein
Ga terug Nearshore

Noirmoutier Landfall

De Romein have been contracted by Prysmian to carry out the enabling works for the Normoutier Offshore Wind Farm Landfall Project.

These works consist of the installation of two, 300m long HDPE ducts that will protect the cable as it comes ashore from the windfarm. The ducts for the submarine cable are buried up to 6m deep and partially surrounded in 1.5m of concrete, under the beach, Plage de la Grande Cote near the town of Fromentine. The ducts terminate in the car park area of the beach, in a large underground concrete chamber where the submarine cable is joined to the land cable.

At this stage, the works on the beach and the access path through the protected dune have been completed without any accidents and on time, respecting the requirements of the client, third parties and local authorities.

The next key objective for De Romein is to complete the construction of the transition pits and demobilize the entire site before mid-May in order to return the beach to tourists during the summer season.