De Romein

Support for contractors in pipeline construction

We support contractors who are active in underground pipeline construction, with the construction of gas and water pipes. We carry out all the civil engineering works required for the preparation, implementation and completion of the pipeline construction. For example:


  • We prepare CAD and construction drawings
  • Preparations for a work zone
  • Excavate and keep topsoil safe
  • Build construction roads and bridges
  • Dig trenches
  • Fill
  • Replace topsoil
  • Recommission
  • Delivery of the pipes

GPS-controlled work

To ensure optimum accuracy, our earthworks are GPS-controlled. We are able to carry out our earthworks with unrivalled accuracy on the basis of digital CAD drawings and GPS location. We use the latest digital technology to produce maximum efficiency for our clients.


Our cranes are equipped with special tools to excavate the trench to the right depth and the right dimensions. If the necessary attachments are not available in the market, our Support Department develops and builds them in our own workshop.

Pipeline construction