De Romein

Support cable works from beginning to end

For energy companies and local authorities we perform peripheral work for laying underground electricity cables. We stand out with our flexibility and availability and because we fulfil our promises. For the German-Dutch transmission network manager Tennet we are one of just two A suppliers.

Lead contractor or subcontractor

In cable works, De Romein operates as subcontractor and lead contractor. If you engage us as lead contractor, we will lay the cable ourselves. We comply with all the general and project-specific wishes and requirements of our clients. Safety comes first - always! There is little we don't know about working in accordance with detailed specifications for maximum control over the process. We take care of works from beginning to end:


  • We prepare CAD and construction drawings
  • Preparations for a work zone
  • Excavate and keep topsoil safe
  • Build construction roads and bridges
  • Dig trenches
  • Fill
  • Replace topsoil
  • Recommission
  • Lay the protection pipe
  • PE welding
  • Cable landfall
  • Directional drilling

GPS-controlled work

To ensure optimum accuracy, our earthworks are GPS-controlled. We are able to carry out our earthworks with unrivalled accuracy on the basis of digital CAD drawings and GPS location. We use the latest digital technology to produce maximum efficiency for our clients. Our cranes are equipped with special tools to excavate the trench to the right depth and the right dimensions.